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Start Running

Pocsuite3 has three running methods: 1. Command line; 2. Interactive console; 3. Imported as a Python module.

Command Line

Run the pocsuite command, and use the corresponding parameters to specify the target and PoC to be tested.

Parameters can also be defined in the pocsuite3.ini file and run with pocsuite -c pocsuite.ini.

Configuration examples: pocsuite.ini

Interactive Console

A console similar to Metasploit, use the poc-console command to enter.

Python Module

Pocsuite3 API provides all functions to call pocsuite3, see testcase tests/ A typical calling method is as follows:

from pocsuite3.api import init_pocsuite
from pocsuite3.api import start_pocsuite
from pocsuite3.api import get_results

def run_pocsuite():
    # config configuration can refer to pocsuite.ini, used to initialize
    config = {
    'url': ['', ''],
    'poc': ['ecshop_rce', 'ftp_burst']

    result = get_results()

Released under the GPLv2 License.