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Three Modes

In Pocsuite3, PoC scripts have three running modes:

  1. verify mode, verify the existence of vulnerabilities. The verification method depends on the specific vulnerability type, such as checking the software version of the target, judging the status code or response of a API, reading a specific file, executing a command and obtaining the result, combined with OOB services, etc. This mode is used for batch vulnerability verification, generally does not require users to provide additional parameters, and should be as harmless to the target as possible.

  2. attack mode, can achieve a specific demand. For example, get specific data, write a shell and return the shell address, get the command from the command line parameter and execute it, get the file path from the command line parameter and return the file content, etc.

  3. shell mode, get an interactive shell. In this mode, Pocsuite3 will listenning the 6666 port of the local machine by default (can be modified by --lhost, --lport), write the corresponding code, and let the target perform a reverse connection to get a shell. Reverse connection Payload can refer to: GTFOBins Reverse shell.


The implementation of attack mode and shell mode is optional.

Released under the GPLv2 License.