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Developed based on Python3, Pocsuite3 can run on any platform that supports Python 3.7+, such as Linux, Windows, MacOS, BSD, etc.

In November 2021, Pocsuite3 passed the official Debian code and compliance inspection, and officially joined the software repository of Debian, Ubuntu, Kali and other Linux distributions, which can be obtained with apt command. In addition, Pocsuite3 has also been pushed to Python PyPI, homebrew repository of MacOS, AUR repository of archlinux, and dockerhub.

Install using Python3 pip

pip3 install pocsuite3

Install on MacOS

brew update
brew info pocsuite3
brew install pocsuite3

Debian, Ubuntu, Kali

Due to the Linux APT repository mechanism, the version of the package installed via apt may be slightly lower than the upstream version.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install pocsuite3


docker run -it pocsuite3/pocsuite3

Arch Linux

yay pocsuite3

Source installation

cd pocsuite3-master
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 install

Released under the GPLv2 License.