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POCS plugin

POCS plugin is used to load PoC scripts during system initialization, such as loading PoC script code from redis or database.

from pocsuite3.api import PluginBase
from pocsuite3.api import PLUGIN_TYPE
from pocsuite3.api import logger
from pocsuite3.api import register_plugin

class TargetPluginDemo(PluginBase):
    category = PLUGIN_TYPE.POCS

    def init(self):
        pocs = [POC_CODE_1, POC_CODE_2]  # load PoC code from redis, database ...
        count = 0
            for poc in pocs:
                if poc and self.add_poc(poc):
                    count += 1

        info_msg = "[PLUGIN] get {0} poc(s) from demo".format(count)


Released under the GPLv2 License.